Martins Industries new line of tire inflation cages

MARTINS, a tire equipment manufacturer, is introducing a series of heavy-duty Tire Inflation Cages (MIC-6HD) that will virtually eliminate the possibility of injury during the tire inflation process.

The new inflation cages offer several innovative safety features including six heavy-duty reinforcement bars, a pneumatic safety valve on the cage door, an air hose with lock-on chuck, and an air deflection system for maximum containment. The inflation cages ensure all compliance with local safety regulations in North America and Europe.

Tire inflation workers no longer need to risk serious injury, or even death, by seating and inflating tires on the floor. MIC-6HD Tire Inflation cages offer workers a one-stop station for safely and efficiently seating and inflating truck and bus tires. MARTINS is the world leader in tire inflation safety cages, with over 20 different models to date, and three in the MIC-6HD series. MIC-6HD users can choose from the Inflation Cage 6 Bars HD, the Inflation Cage Kit which includes an automatic inflator kit, or the Inflation Pit Stop 6 Bars HD. The addition of any MIC-6HD inflation system will decrease the need for physical handling, resulting in a quick and efficient inflation process and a safer workplace for everyone. 

MARTINS developed the MIC-6HD series to respond to the specific needs of the Netherlands market, but quickly realized that the safety features of this particular series would be beneficial to companies around the world: “we’ve been sharing ideas with tire professionals from all over the world in our different locations, and then creating efficient and safe products that respond directly to those needs. This new safety inflation cage MIC-6HD is the result of that collaboration. Sharing ideas brings exceptional results,” says Martins Industries founder and president, Martin Depelteau. 

As the world-leading manufacturer of inflation safety cages for the smallest to the world biggest mining tires, Martins Research and Development team was able to offer an innovative solution to a common workplace problem that will increase the efficiency, safety and working conditions of tire inflation workers worldwide.

About Martins Industries: Martins Industries designs and manufactures tire equipment to store, handle, inflate and display tires and wheels. They have distribution centres in the USA, Canada, Netherlands, Australia and U.A.E., as well as manufacturing facilities in Canada and China.

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