Martins Industries capitalizes on a decade of experience

in releasing the ULTIMATE tire cage for pickup trucks

After several years of development and commercialization of pickup truck tire cages, MARTINS INDUSTRIES is proud to introduce the newly designed Pickup Tire Xpeditors MPTX-50 & MPTX-100. The former is built to carry up to 50 tires of 17” in outer diameter, while the latter can carry up to 100 of them with its overhead section on top of the cab.

As far as compatibility goes, both models fit most 6.5 ; 8 ft pickup truck beds, including those of the Ford F-150, GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado and many others. The package contains the parts for both bed lengths and the assembly manual will guide users on what parts need to be installed according to the length.

The MPTX-50 and MPTX-100:
Have heavy-duty locking systems and hinges that allow doors to open completely (270°).
Use stainless steel clamps to fix the cage to the bed, thus preventing the need to drill holes in the bed.
Are made with robust steel tubes that are designed to prevent water from leaking in.
Are covered with UV-resistant powder-coated paint to preserve color and luster over time.

“Having been a first mover in developing tire cages for trucks allowed us to test parts and get a lot of feedback from tire wholesalers and shops who need to transport tires between locations daily.

These new models answer all their requests.” said Jonathan Landry, product designer for the MARTINS’  He adds, “Our previous cages were only compatible with 8-ft beds and we received many requests to develop models that would fit on 6.5-ft beds. The challenge for us was to design a product that would adapt to both bed lengths, thus filling two needs with one product.”

Amongst the changes compared to the previous models is also the fact that the steel that is used is no longer galvanized. MARTINS INDUSTRIES is willing to take steps in becoming more environmentally friendly as an organization and finding alternatives to galvanization is just one example of this.
With all these improvements, the Pickup Tire Xpeditors are well aligned with the rest of MARTINS
INDUSTRIES’ product offering: they will make the workplace safer and the operations more efficient.

About Martins Industries: Martins Industries designs and manufacturers tire equipment to store,
handle, inflate and display tires and wheels. They have distribution centers in the USA, Canada,
Netherlands, Australia and U.A.E., as well as manufacturing facilities in Canada and China.

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