Manitou introduces three new rotating telehandlers

Manitou is pleased to introduce three new rotating telehandlers to the North
American market – the MRT 2470, MRT 3050 and MRT 1840 – bringing the full Manitou MRT Series rotating telehandler line to six models that can handle capacities up to 15,400 pounds and reach up to 103 feet 4 inches.

-After launching our new rotating telehandler models to the European market earlier in 2017, we began collaborating with our Italian, European and North American teams to develop machines that would meet the American market expectations,- said Chris Mathijs, Manitou Products Sales and Marketing Director. -Extensive research and development allowed us to develop superior telehandlers that can be used in numerous applications in North America.”

Manitou’s new rotating telehandlers fit the performance and safety standards Manitou customers have come to expect in this three-in-one machine. For the contractor, they save time, money and space on the jobsite. One piece of equipment that can be used in three different modes – telehandler, winch and platform – means more productivity
with lower equipment, maintenance and labor costs. Add on the all-terrain capability and numerous attachment options, and these machines are a versatile go-to solution on any jobsite. Manitou MRT Series Privilege Plus rotating telehandlers come standard with loads of features, including 360 degree cab and boom rotation, frame leveling, fully
enclosed cabs, remote control operation, four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering. Another benefit is the industryexclusive E-RECO system that will detect an attachment and adapt the load chart accordingly.

The Manitou MRT 3050 Privilege Plus rotating telehandler is equipped with the longest stabilizers on the market, extending 20 feet 6 inches. The stabilizers have pin-mounted strain gauges that determine ground contact and position sensors to adapt the load chart. The Manitou MRT 3050 has a maximum load capacity of 11,000 pounds, lift
height of 97 feet 9 inches and forward reach of 84 feet 8 inches.

Pushing the limits in lift and weight capacity, the Manitou MRT 2470 Privilege Plus not only has the most weight capacity in the product line, it is the highest in the market at 15,400 pounds. The Manitou MRT 2470 has a maximum lift height of 81 feet 4 inches and forward reach of 63 feet 3 inches. Even with an extraordinary amount of strength,
the MRT 2470 still has a compact frame that can easily maneuver through tight jobsites. Both the MRT 3050 and MRT 2470 are powered with a 176-horsepower Mercedes turbo diesel engine.

Rounding out the line is Manitou’s most compact rotating telehandler model, the Manitou MRT 1840 Easy. This model was re-engineered to fit a new Tier IV 74-hp Perkins turbo diesel engine. It can lift up to 8,800 pounds and reach a maximum height of 58 feet 9 inches.

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