Magnetek 200S General Purpose Industrial Brakes Offer New Models and Product Enhancements

Flexible designs with industry-leading performance

Columbus McKinnon Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCO), a leading designer and manufacturer of motion control products, technologies, and services for material handling, today announced the availability of new Magnetek 200S General Purpose Industrial Brakes, including AST and IST models. As part of the existing Mondel brand brake family, next generation MSA and MST brakes are being offered with new features. 200S brakes are ideal for high-duty cycle industrial applications such as overhead cranes, conveyors, hoists, bridges, turntables, lock gates, and more.

“200S General Purpose Industrial Brakes, including the new AST and IST models, are designed with high performance, reliability, and safety in mind,” said Marco Pardo, product manager for brakes and power delivery systems. “Designed with a minimum number of moving parts, they provide long service life with reduced maintenance and downtime.”

The new IST brake model complies with DIN standards for metric and ISO requirements, while the AST brake model complies with AIST/AISE-NEMA standards for North America. The IST and AST models are three phase AC thruster brakes with compact designs and low shaft heights for cranes with low headroom. Four adjustable configurations are available for both models when a built-in spring is used.

Next generation MSA DC magnet brakes and MST three phase AC thruster brakes offer new features, including wider torque range, stainless steel pivot pins, standard Auto-Equalization feature, as well as redesigned main components now made from cast steel. Optional torque adjustment and Auto-Adjustment features can be modified in the field as needed, while a redesigned external spring option includes a permanently mounted aluminum torque scale. Additionally, optional hand release, external spring, and limit switches can be bolted on in field retrofit situations. The enhanced MSA and MST brakes are drop-in replacements for the original product line and offer simplified operation, reduced maintenance, and improved flexibility.

For more information about Magnetek’s 200S General Purpose Industrial Brake family, visit To learn more about all of the Columbus McKinnon crane solutions products, call Columbus McKinnon Channel Services at 800-888-0985 or visit

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