Mactac® Expands Customer-Favorite LINTEC® Security Labeling Product Line

Expanding its customer-favorite LINTEC® security labelstocks, Mactac® adds new products to its specialty non-transfer VOID portfolio.

Designed for security labeling applications, Mactac’s LINTEC specialty non-transfer VOID security seals feature a highly specialized non-transfer acrylic adhesive that cleanly removes from surfaces and shows evidence of tampering by way of concealed “VOID” lettering. Different from traditional VOID labels, when these labels are removed, the VOID image becomes visible on the face stock, yet no adhesive residue is left on the application surface. The VOID image also prevents re-use and re-application of labels.

Adding to its existing specialty non-transfer VOID portfolio – LTC01572, LTC01573, and LTC01574 – which are polyester (PET) film products, Mactac’s latest additions – LTC01584 and LTC01583 – feature polyethylene (PE) films.

“With the PE construction, the label face stock is extremely flexible, delivering more conformability and allowing better appearance of the VOID image,” says Katsu Araki, business development manager, Mactac Performance Adhesives. “In addition, due to the film’s elasticity-like qualities, the VOID image will also appear if labels are stretched.”

The new labels are intended for application to low-energy surfaces, such as painted doors. Additional product information includes:

  • LTC01584: 3.2-mil top-coated blue flexible polyethylene VOID film with a unique removable acrylic adhesive and a 45# blue glassine liner.
  • LTC01583: 3.2-mil top-coated red flexible polyethylene VOID film with a unique removable acrylic adhesive and a 45# blue glassine liner.

In comparison, the specialty non-transfer VOID PET products, which are available in clear, red or blue, offer superior durability and are more ideal for outdoor security label applications where higher resistance to heat and UV (ultraviolet) exposure is needed, like rental car applications.

Other typical applications for Mactac’s LINTEC specialty non-transfer VOID products are:

  • Hotel security seals
  • Airplane security seals
  • Industrial and electronic device packaging
  • Product warning labels
  • Automotive security seals
  • Food packaging
  • Health, beauty, and pharmaceutical packaging to discourage or make obvious any potential tampering

Specialty non-transfer VOID products are designed for flexographic and thermal transfer printing methods.

For more information on specialty non-transfer VOID products or other security labels from Mactac Performance Adhesives Group, call 800-255-9733, email, or visit

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