LR Intralogistik banks on Wiferion’s inductive charging system

Fully automated charging of tugger trains

Wiferion PM LRLR Intralogistik is expanding its service portfolio with the addition of wireless charging technology developed by energy solutions provider Wiferion. The LTX 50 tractor and platform truck is now available with the etaLINK 3000 inductive charging system for tugger trains. Through this move, LR Intralogistik is responding to new market requirements while also enabling its customers to benefit from fully automated in-process charging for lithium-ion batteries. Thanks to this technology, charging can be flexibly integrated into intralogistics processes, while at the same time delivering a sustainable increase in fleet efficiency.

Process reliability, cost efficiency, safety and ergonomics – these are four factors that LR Intralogistik focuses on when developing customer-specific tugger train systems. Moving forward, wireless charging capabilities are to become a key component of these systems. “Charging tugger trains used to be a real efficiency killer,” explains Benjamin Walter, plant general manager at LR Intralogistik. Tugger trains had to be manually disconnected from the rest of the train before being taken to the charging station that was often located quite some distance away. The problem with this approach is that the tugger train is not productive during this time. In addition, the other elements of the train are often disconnected somewhere in the warehouse where they disrupt processes and workflows. However, when the charging process is automated, such as with Wiferion’s etaLINK 3000 inductive charging system, the tugger train no longer needs to be disconnected. “With the addition of wireless charging, we are supplementing our LTX 50 tractor and platform truck portfolio with a key component. As a sound investment for the future, our customers will benefit from enhanced logistics performance,” explains Walter.

Wiferion’s inductive energy system comprises a stationary transmitter unit with a wallbox and charging pad on the one hand and reception electronics installed in the LTX 50 on the other. Thanks to the fully automated in-process charging technology, the LTX maintains a constant level of charge. Downtimes for charging breaks become a thing of the past, leading to a significant increase in vehicle availability. The plug-and-play charging technology is easy to install at critical points in logistics and production environments, eliminating the need for costly changes to site infrastructure. In addition, existing LTX-50 fleets can be retrofitted. “In-process charging meets the requirements for fully automated, maintenance-free energy supply and will soon become a key component of intralogistics,” underlines Walter.

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