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Lift & Tilt Podcast – Episode 021 : Recruiting Talent for Digital Transformation(s)

Date: 2/22/21

Host: Kurt Guntner

Overview: Kurt and Mandy discuss Unilever’s traveling factory concept as a way to mitigate supply chain risk and increase resiliency. Check out the latest episode from Lift & Tilt.

Recruiting Talent for Digital Transformation(s)

Digital transformation is likely to cause anxiety and fear among current workers, who may be wondering what these new tools will mean for their jobs and whether they will be able to keep up with the new skills required by the technology. On the flip side, there is declining interest from younger workers in the manufacturing profession.

As industry leaders seek to appeal to both younger and older generations, it is critical that they work to alleviate these concerns. Our human hardwiring often causes us to see change as a threat, triggering a survive response that helps us problem-solve against that threat. Successful transformation requires us to embrace opportunity (what we call the thrive response), which allows us to collaborate, innovate, and work differently. As technology advances, leaders must find ways to calm the natural survive response that comes from the fear of digitization. Too often, leaders underestimate the resilience and willingness of employees to learn new skills. Leaders should invest in building capabilities across the workforce—not just in new technology, but also in adaptability and change.

Industry Week | Too Often Overlooked, Talent Is an Important Piece of Digital Transformation

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