Lift & Tilt Podcast – Episode 018 :

AWS Panorama – Good, Bad, Ethical?

Date: 12/9/20

Host: Kurt Guntner

Overview: Kurt & Mandy discuss the new artificial intelligence system, AWS Panorama, launched last week and its potential to transform warehouse supply chains. But, can it be implemented ethically? Does employee surveillance breed compliance or contempt? Find out the questions you need to ask to implement this system ethically in this new episode from Lift & Tilt.

AWS Panorama – Good, Bad, Ethical?

1) Good

AWS Panorama will create a cost-effective way for companies to utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to better manage quality control, safety violations, waste reductions, and operational efficiency in real-time with computer vision.

2) Bad

While AWS Panorama will create many positives for warehouse operations, it’s rife with opportunities for abuse and could create unforeseen circumstances related to ethical business practices, labor disputes, algorithmic bias, and public relations.

3) Ethical

Ethics will boil down to how the system is implemented. Does your business have a corporate culture of ethical business practices? Do your employees perceive that they’re treated just and fair? Will your organization be transparent about employee surveillance and the business objectives of the system? Ultimately, the answers to these questions will determine if the system can be used ethically.

Mashable | AWS Panorama Worker/Customer Tracking Technology

The Verge | Amazon Warehouse Fulfillment Centers Productivity Firing & Terminations

Behavioral Scientist | The Paradox of Employee Surveillance

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