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Kivnon to introduce its latest edition of K55 forklift AGV at Advanced Factories 2023

At Advanced Factories this year, which runs from April 18-20th in Barcelona, Kivnon will highlight one of the latest additions to its AGV portfolio, the K55 Pallet Stacker. Kivon’s range of AGVs is renowned for robustness, safety, and accuracy, and this new addition to the portfolio provides customers with a vehicle that can automatically transport stack pallets.

Thierry Delmas, Managing Director at Kivnon, comments, “The K55 is an ideal solution for end-of-line palletizing, food and beverage, and retail applications. It is designed to ensure efficiency, reliability, and complete safety.”

Equipped with lifting forks, the K55 Pallet Stacker will automatically transport palletized loads of up to 1200 kg and can lift to a height of up to 1500 mm. In line with all the Kivnon AGV/AMR ranges, the automated forklift is based on a simple, reliable, well-engineered design that will ensure it carries out its missions smoothly and reliably.

“Many AGV applications do not need complicated functions and controls, which can confuse operators, lead to errors, and reduce reliability,” explains Mr. Delmas. “The Kivnon approach offers design and engineering excellence with a range of standardized fundamental models. Of course, vehicles can be customized to meet specific application goals, but we ensure our solutions are not over-engineered or over-priced.”

The K55 uses mapping navigation to perform cyclic or conditioned routes and can interact with other site vehicles, machines, and systems to ensure a coordinated site-wide logistics solution. Security scanners ensure safe operation in shared spaces, and an online battery charging system means units can operate 24/7 without interruption.

Kivnon offers a different approach to AGV design by providing a more reliable solution at a better price with a wide range of AGVs and AMRs to meet various sector and operating needs.

“We pride ourselves on our ability to meet project requirements, both large and small, and provide our customers with the expert support and local services they need to ensure successful vehicle automation through the life of the vehicle, tailored to specific business needs,” concludes Mr. Delmas.

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