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Kinetic Technologies unveils HT Headstock-Tailstock Positioners to Revolutionize Cobot Welding Automation

Kinetic Technologies, an innovator of positioners, fixtures, and tooling for industrial automation cells, has announced the launch of their newest positioning system for cobot welding, the HTheadstock-tailstock positioner family, a transformational addition to their product portfolio. The positioners will disrupt the world of cobot welding and offer performance, quality, and efficiency improvements for welding operators and production managers.

rotary-positioner-configuration imageThe HT product family delivers a remarkable level of versatility to welding automation. Unlike traditional flat tables, the servo-driven headstock rotating positioners with a fixed tailstock allow for part positioning accuracy down to 0.01 degrees, offering nearly infinite jog table locations and the ability to rotate during welding. This flexibility maximizes arc-on time and ensures superior part quality at the same time.

The industry needs for the HT Positioners are clear. Mark Barglof, Owner of Kinetic Technologies, said, “Industrial robot cells have employed positioning systems for decades, and very few industrial welding cells out on manufacturing floors today do not include a positioner, however, very few cobot welding cells utilize positioning systems today.” With the HT1, manufacturing leaders can realize the full potential of cobot welding, providing more consistent, higher-quality welds. This approach provides a distinct competitive advantage over companies using industrial automation, but not positioning.

Mr. Barglof said, “We are excited to release the HT product family to our customers. We have heard from many customers that their parts would be best handled using a headstock-tailstock configuration. We have found that our ability to provide customers with turn-key welding automation cells has increased tenfold by adopting the HT configuration.”

ht-positioner-in-action imageMoreover, Kinetic Technologies is launching its new RT Lite rotary welding table in addition to the HT positioners. The RT Lite is a modified version of their RT1 turntable, which was launched back in November 2022 at FABTECH. The RT Lite features the same load capacity as the RT1 at a lower price point for those who don’t need the cobot fixed to the table. Kinetic’s RT rotary positioners are specially designed cobot-controlled rotary tables that help to optimize welding capacity for cobots.

With a range of advanced features and the ability to optimize part positioning, Kinetic Technologies’ positioners ensure high weld quality, consistency, and production efficiency, making them an invaluable addition to their cobot welding

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