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Kardex Remstar Highlights Advanced Picking Strategies During ProMatDX 2021

Kardex Remstar, a world leading manufacturer of automated storage and retrieval systems will feature advanced picking strategies during ProMatDX 2021. Well known for vertical lift modules and vertical buffer modules, the manufacturer has added innovative solutions for increasing throughput, picking productivity and accuracy to their portfolio.

With the e-commerce market booming, now more than ever, frequently fluctuating order volumes and increasing customer requirements make it challenging for online merchants to manage order fulfillment and keep up with unprecedented growth. Implementing scalable and intuitive pick-to-light technology, the new solution Color Pick enables higher picking throughput and maximum labor efficiency to manage demand fluctuation common with e-commerce business.

Based on combining orders into a batch, batches of orders are filled according to a colored light directed picking process. When the operator starts the batch, the system dynamically assigns a color to the batch cart as it’s introduced into the color picking zone. All storage devices, such as a Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Modules or Megamat RS vertical carousels, with order lines for this color batch display the matching color on the display screen and move to retrieve the stored articles required for the batch. Following the colored lights on the storage devices, the operators simply pick the articles from the storage device and put them into the batch cart with the matching color.

To support fast paced order picking operations need to meet increased demand, Kardex Remstar has also introduced Frame Pick. This solution combines pick carts, put frames with put-to-light displays and ASRS, commonly LR 35 Vertical Buffer Modules (VBM) or Shuttle XP VLM, for maximum throughput. The operator can easily connect the order bins on the pick cart to the lights on the put frame with a simple barcode scan. When the ASRS presents a new storage bin for picking, the put-to-light display shows how many items should be placed in which order bins within the Frame Pick solution. When all orders are complete, the pick cart with the full customer order bins can be easily transported to the packaging or shipping area. Using a rolling batching strategy, a new pick cart with empty order bins takes over the position in the put frame and is easily integrated into the current batch of orders being fulfilled. This new solution can reduce walking distances by up 65%, increase throughput and reduce floor space by 80%.

Additionally, to support automated storage and retrieval systems from afar, Kardex Remstar offers Remote Support. In order to reduce unplanned downtime, Remote Support is a proactive monitoring tool to help reduce errors before they even occur. From advanced picking strategies utilizing vertical buffer modules to basic storage and picking applications, Kardex Remstar offers a range of solutions for your growing operations. All solutions are supported through the wide range of life cycle services available from Kardex Remstar.

Kardex Remstar, LLC, a company of Kardex Holding AG is a leading provider of automated storage and retrieval systems for manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, offices and institutions. For information about our dynamic storage solutions, call 800-639-5805, visit

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