JBT Announces Strategic Collaboration with Crown Equipment Corporation

JBT Corporation (NYSE: JBT), a global technology provider, today announced it has solidified deals with Crown Equipment Corporation to automate their equipment. This partnership marks a significant foray into delivering dual-mode AGVs to the global market, and the strategic alliance signals a direct response to market trends from JBT and Crown. By applying its automation technology to one of the world’s leading forklift providers, JBT once again demonstrates its automated guided vehicle prowess and its commitment to delivering advanced technology to customers around the world.

The cooperation between these organizations has already resulted in the Crown DualMode T tow tractor. This vehicle operates in both automatic and manual modes, which provides added flexibility to end-users. Working with Crown, JBT embedded automation controls and hardware onto the tow tractor and powers the intelligence on the vehicle. These tow tractors have already been implemented at five customer sites, and many of these customers are hoping to expand their current systems. Due to this strong response, Crown and JBT are hoping to extend cooperation further and expand their co-branded automated offerings.

“This partnership brings the best of both JBT and Crown,” explains Barry Douglas, Vice President and General Manager of JBT Automated Systems. “The synergies between the two companies are strong and will help end-users solve business challenges. In the development that we have already completed, we were able to leverage the experience we have gained in our years of supplying AGVs to provide more affordable vehicles to the market. So far, we have been able to deliver on our ultimate goal: helping customers solve business challenges.”

He continues, “With JBT delivering automation kits, fleet management software, and systems-integration expertise and Crown mass producing the vehicles and providing service and support, we are able to empower customers more than ever. We are feeding the hunger for automation across all industries, in part through dual-mode solutions. Our ability to apply years of experience to dual-mode solutions will help elevate the potential of automation across the world.”

JBT has been designing and manufacturing AGVs for over 30 years. The company supports systems globally. For more information on JBT AGVs, visit JBT online at jbtc.com/automated-systems.

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About JBT: Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems
JBT is a market-leading, global supplier of automatic guided vehicle (AGV) systems, which provide safe, unmanned movement of raw materials, work-in-process, finished goods and waste in manufacturing and warehousing sites. AGVs often resemble a manual fork lift truck but operate automatically without a driver. The systems use flexible user-friendly software to reduce costs and optimize deliveries and traffic control. The systems are scalable and able to adapt to facility changes. The North American headquarter for JBT’s AGV business is in Chalfont, PA, U.S.A.


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