Innovation in Material Handling

vertical assembly platformInnovation is at the core of everything Handling Specialty designs. Why? Because virtually every order we receive is to solve a specific application required by our customer. The custom vertical assembly platform featured here allows the energy industry to build out turbines.

The unique iris at the center of the platform opens and closes around the turbine as it is assembled. The four-post lift raises 30’ to accommodate multiple heights, while the iris positions technicians precisely around the turbine covering the full diameter of the product. The iris is made up of eight individual moving parts which tightly fit around the turbine’s circumference, allowing technicians safe footing when working on the product in close quarters.

Safety is always top of mind when Handling Specialty engineers these heavy-duty, robust platforms and includes numerous safety features including a perimeter cage with locking, sliding gates. Easy access to the platform at any height is attainable via the articulating staircase.


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