Increase Your Brand Awareness With The New LinkedIn Stories Feature

Get ready, LinkedIn Stories are coming!

Following the popular feature Stories from the fellow social media channels, The LinkedIn Stories feature aims to increase the interface of user experience. In marketing, storytelling is a critical part, this suggests the new LinkedIn Story feature has the potential to offer a myriad of benefits to businesses and professionals alike.

Sharing stories under the short video first came from Snapchat when it introduced to us the Stories feature in 2013. The way that Snapchat using to share stories through video is opposite the way other big guys such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (which is through images and content) that’s why Snapchat is getting so popular, and Facebook, Instagram has adopted feature Stories to their feed later on. App users can upload videos and images which are viewable for 24 hours before disappearing from the user profile. The Stories feature personal and professional content so if you utilize the LinkedIn Story feature strategically and share content in a way that positively engages with your audience, it can increase the engagement of your personal career network to your career, company and networking.

According to LinkedIn’s Head of Content Pete Davies “LinkedIn has seen a 25% year-over-year increase in engagement”. And by leveraging LinkedIn’s Stories can be a new opportunity to improve the connection between customer and business relationships.

So how can you use Stories in your LinkedIn content approach?

Don’t worry! We give you some techniques that you can use on LinkedIn’s Stories for your business, along with the steps on how to post a LinkedIn story.

Share Engaging Content to Increase Your Authority: 

The original idea of LinkedIn is the place where you share your ideas, work achievement, where thought leaders who inspire us to achieve greatness in our careers and businesses. And the new feature LinkedIn Story helps us to share all those useful tips, live Q&A, or give an insight view of how your working day is going. This feature can help you to gain the trust of other users as well as providing your audience the opportunity to respond to your stories. Unlike other social media platforms where the users are mostly your friends and your family relatives, the audience you can reach on LinkedIn by sharing inspiring and helpful content might include a future employee, your investment venture capital, or whoever can be helpful for your future career and business in general.

Highlight Customer Success Stories to Display Brand Genuineness 

If you receive feedback from clients about the great work you have finished for them, why not use it as a testimonial? The testimonial is the most obvious proof of how about your work achievements. Find a creative way to show your followers what they can be benefiting from your services/products.  Stories can be a great way to share customer feedback and may also create responses from other happy customers who are willing to share their stories.

Share The Audience Your Workplace Culture to Attract the Right Candidates 

Do you know that according to Businessnewsdaily, LinkedIn is one of the top destinations for job seekers. Since company culture is a crucial part of any company, remember sometimes the best candidate is not looking for the company that pays them the highest salary, sometimes they can get the job because it where they feel like a part of the company culture, where they feel belong to. By updating content on LinkedIn Stories that offers an insight into what it’s like to work for your company can attract the right candidates when you need to hire new employees. Company happy hour on Friday, skillshare between teammates, team building activities or whatever you think that can bring out the company culture, share it.

Share The Idea to Your Audience to Get Valuable Feedback: 

If your company has a new idea for a new product/service and isn’t sure it will match the market expectation, LinkedIn Story is a great channel for you to experiment with. By engaging with your followers, share with them your ideas, make them feel like their ideas matter, you can build a tighter relationship with your followers. Not only that, you also receive valuable feedback on what your followers really want and also what your competitors are currently doing. You may end up by finding the perfect product/service through LinkedIn Stories responses.

Launch a Product or Share Exciting News in a Unique Way 

Digital marketing is a fast-changing world, not only with Facebook, Instagram happens in LinkedIn as well. As still the new feature, you will have fewer competitors as the beginning stage and more space for you to be creative in the way you share the stories. Incorporating LinkedIn Stories into your digital strategy early could make you different from your competitors, increase your brand awareness in the industry, and build momentum in a unique way, driving traffic from a much bigger audience.

How to create a LinkedIn Story:

As for reading here, you may learn a lot about how LinkedIn Story can help to boost your personal networking and also your business. Now let’s go through the simple steps to set up, create and post your very first LinkedIn story.

Step 1. Access

You can access the LinkedIn Story feature through the LinkedIn mobile app. At the top of the app, you can see the Story section. Just simply tap on the Plus (+) icon and start to share your stories.

Step 2. Capture or Upload

Similar to Instagram or Facebook, you can use the direct camera of the LinkedIn app to capture photos or record videos or you can just simply use the content in your phone gallery. If you want to use the built-in LinkedIn app camera,  tap the circle icon at the bottom to take the photo or press and hold it to record the videos up to 20 seconds per story, you can make multiple stories so don’t think too much about the time limit.

Step 3. Features

Similar to other social media story features, the LinkedIn Story feature allows you to reverse the camera, turn on the camera flash, add graphics (stickers), turn the audio on/off, add the song/music and add text with adjusted colors as your preference.

Step 4. Edit

The edit feature is really friendly to use, you can easily edit and move around the stickers, texts, change the theme colors. For the text, you can tap on and drag elements to change the positions as well as colors. Remember after you’ve posted the content, there is no way to edit it but you can delete the story and then repost again.

Step 5. Publish

When the content is ready, time to publish and share just by tap on the Share story icon. And now your story will be published and stay on up to 24 hours.

Step 6. Monitor

As your stories have published, with the insights feature of LinkedIn you can easily keep track of how your story works like the reach of your content, your viewer information (name, title position, the current company..) depends on the privacy setting of the users. To see it, you go into Stories at the top again, tap on the profile in which you will be viewing the stories, then tap the Views (eye) icon.

Let’s wrap it up

LinkedIn Stories is absolutely a great feature to increase your business brand awareness vietnam through sharing business insight and experience with other professionals and customers day by day. We hope our tips today can help you to gain knowledge to build meaningful relationships with your community. What are you waiting for? Start now.

DungHo     Dung Ho is a passionate by heart digital marketer at a content marketing agency in Vietnam. He focuses mainly on creating brand content that is conversational, engaging and bring the values to people. His passion for visual storytelling and creating a meaningful customer experience has turned him a force to be reckoned with.


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