Implementing 5S in Your Workplace

Compliance specialist Brian McFadden will describe the origins and basics of the 5S method, share detailed recommendations for each of the five steps, and walk you through how to get your 5S implementation off the ground.

“The 5S approach is a powerful way to improve efficiency, but it’s not always easy to understand or use,” said Brian McFadden, a certified compliance specialist. “There’s a lot of advice about 5S out there, and that can make the system seem complex. In fact, the basic ideas are very simple. Unfortunately, simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy, so that’s where this webinar is aimed: we want to make the process easy to understand and easy to follow.”

Stay tuned after the webinar for a live Q&A session. Get expert answers to your safety and compliance questions. You will learn how to:

• Understand the basics and origins of the 5S method
• Learn how and why each step flows into the next
• Create a basic plan for organization and cleanliness
• Improve workplace efficiency and eliminate waste!


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