Signode Industrial Group Introduces it’s StorFast Warehouse Automation Technology

“We are excited to introduce StorFast to the North American market,” said Ignacio Ochoa, Sales Director, StorFast Warehouse Automation, Signode Industrial Group. “Our clients worldwide are enjoying great results with StorFast  for optimizing existing facilities or new buildings as well as significantly reducing power consumption in comparison to other types of storage and retrieval systems.

Displaying it with the Octopus stretch wrapper further reinforces our ability to offer fully “integrated warehousing solutions.” The StorFast AS/RS system comprises powered carts that automatically and quickly move pallets in and out of storage positions in the warehouse. StorFast’s modular designs offer increased flexibility, maximum storage capacity and a very small footprint. The reduced footprint and unlimited
configuration flexibility allow for minimal facility modification for new or existing warehouses. The StorFast system can be easily expanded as capacity requirements and SKUs increase.

“As the only manufacturer of film and equipment we understand the importance of optimizing operations throughout the supply chain,” said Joe Albert, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, GlobalWrapping Technology, Signode Industrial Group. “Coupled with more than 5,000 Octopus stretch wrappers installations worldwide and our full-breadth of products, we have the experience to smartly optimize warehouse efficiencies.”

For those looking to maximize warehouse efficiencies and minimize costs of their palletizers and significantly reduce power consumption, Signode’s robotic systems enable quick pallet changeover options, gentle product handling and minimal maintenance requirements. Signode Industrial Group has a long history of customer-focused innovations in materials, processes and automation technology that have revolutionized the load containment and transit packaging industries.

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