Hyster releases updated operator training program on National Forklift Safety Day

Hyster announces completely redesigned training videos for the newly updated Hyster® Operator Training Program, set for release Tuesday, June 14 in conjunction with National Forklift Safety Day (NFSD). Thoughtfully developed with contemporary adult learning methodologies, the videos help fast-paced operations level up their lift truck operator training and staff up quickly to keep pace with demand.

“We live in a social media-driven world, with people used to getting smaller bites of information quickly and easily,” says Roger Keys, Sales Trainer, Hyster Company. “These modern training videos are designed to help contemporary learners engage with the material and ultimately better comprehend the essential skills and knowledge they need to be an effective lift truck operator. And as the industry observes NFSD this week, what better time to highlight the importance of training forklift operators?”

The Hyster Operator Training Program offers a fast-paced learning process, with shorter video sections interspersed with hands-on learning to keep trainees engaged. The videos also equip businesses to consistently deliver instruction on key topics across several training classes and trainers. This consistency is especially attractive to busy manufacturers and other operations that must scale up on lift truck operators quickly due to turnover or seasonal upticks, without overburdening in-house training resources.

The new training videos fulfill most lift truck-related topics in the formal instruction component of OSHA lift truck certification requirements. The videos are available through participating Hyster® dealers, who can also offer training resources for full OSHA certification.

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