Huron Technology Corp. announces the Hi-Speed Tote Stacker & De-Stacker

Huron Technology Corp. would like to introduce the Hi-Speed Tote Stacker & De-Stacker which is ideal for high volume automated tote handling applications. The Tote Stacker & De-Stacker optimizes the utilization of valuable floor space by effectively increasing the storage density of empty totes.  The system’s compact design makes it suitable for locations that require a small footprint. The Tote Stacker & De-Stacker provides an efficient way to transport full stacks of totes, leading to greater worker safety through reduced in-plant traffic and manual handling. The Tote Stacker & De-Stacker offers many practical options based on the application, with speed selection up to 20 totes per minute, pneumatic or electric actuation and 24 VDC powering capabilities. The Tote Stacker & De-Stacker is also maintenance-friendly and modular so it can easily fit within the current conveyor system.  Learn how you can better stack, store and save valuable floor space with our Tote Stacker & De-Stacker, and discover a safer, more organized facility. For more information contact

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Huron Technology Corp. (HTC) is a producer of material handling equipment for positioning, dispensing, and moving products within a variety of plants and operations. The HTC Team thrives in providing specialized products to address complex application needs. Some of our products include stackers, destackers, dispensers, turnovers, slip sheet pick & place, ergo-conveyors or people movers, bag flatteners, and operator interface solutions. With many years of engineering and sales experience, HTC serves the market through a wide network of integrators, OEM’s and resellers throughout North America. For more information about Huron Technology Corp. please visit or email

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