How Can Port Terminal Operators Save Money On Heavy-Duty Forklift Equipment?

In port and terminal operations, having trucks to ensure that cargo can be shipped in volume and in a timely manner is key. For example, with the advent of large ships carrying more than 23,000 TEU, the terminal generates a lot of activity. Additionally, in the current environment, having an efficient fleet of high-capacity electric forklifts may help manage costs across the business.

But what are the main challenges of operating forklifts in ports and terminals? How can a BSLBATT® high-capacity forklift lithium battery help overcome these challenges?

What is your challenge?

Port Terminal Operators – The current environment for port terminal operations requires a high priority to reduce carbon emissions. This is mandated by most councils in cities across North America. To date, most port terminals continue to use diesel forklift machinery, which takes a huge toll on the environment, employee health, and the people living in these environments.

The solution available for ports today is the BSLBATT industrial electric forklift lithium battery. These batteries are especially popular with bulk terminals, as the superior performance and visibility allow operators to use the equipment like a conventional diesel-powered truck. Guaranteed uninterrupted operation in the most demanding applications handling heavy loads (beverage distribution, paper, wood and metal industries), high lift heights (very narrow aisle applications), large attachments (roll clips, push-pull, single and double) .

Choose BSLBATT® Heavy duty forklift lithium battery manufacturer for….

Adaptable Products Based on Different Forklift Dimensions

When purchasing a forklift battery, most of the time you are buying it for a specific piece of equipment. The battery compartment dimensions, minimum forklift battery weight requirement, and the connector cable length and position are all important aspects that the new battery must be compatible with.

This process becomes much more of a headache when you are forced to look through 400-500 different SKUs to find the battery that fits your equipment’s exact specifications.

To make this step in the process a whole lot easier, you can look for a manufacturer that offers customizable battery models that can be adapted to your equipment.

This way, you can purchase a base model battery for whatever type of lift truck you’re outfitting, and then add an adapter to meet the truck requirements.

Looking for a forklift manufacturer with this type of modular battery design is important because these batteries can be utilized with different forklift brands and models if your fleet composition changes in the future.

As a leading full China Lithium-Ion battery provider, BSLBATT® heavy-duty lithium-ion batteries are used by many fortune 500 companies including Toyota, Yale-Hyster, Linde, Taylor, Kalmar, Lift-Force and Raniero.

BSLBATT aims to allow every individual vehicle driver in the world to enjoy the extraordinary experience of the superior performance of BSLBATT batteries, just like the feeling that the operator finishes their shift – fresh and ready to work.

Excellent and Ongoing Technical Support

Make sure to pay attention to the tools and resources the customer support team provide such as:

● Online product guides and videos

● Product training programs

● Safety and battery disposal and recycle documents

● Service bulletins

● Being able to leverage a responsive, helpful technical support team to ensure batteries are being used to their fullest potential and maintained correctly to maximize lifespan is crucial in the world of advanced battery technology.

Minimized risk of operator injury

Reliability is also important as many terminals operate 24/7 with tight turnaround times. Trucks need to work when needed in order to move goods where they are needed. Likewise, forklifts need to be flexible. Since modern terminals handle a variety of loads, having different trucks for different load types takes up valuable space and reduces cost efficiency.

BMS with Telematics Offering for Battery Data Management

Lithium-ion battery technology is more than just a power source for your equipment; it is a useful tool to help maximize productivity and improve operations in your warehouse.

Manufacturers of lithium-ion battery packs should have a BMS with a telematics offering where users can access crucial performance data of the battery pack.

Aggregating BMS data in a cloud-based solution allows users to identify usage patterns, track operator behavior, monitor battery condition, and send customized alerts and notifications.

Ergonomic Risks Are Minimized

Though most forklift batteries require material handling equipment for removal because of their substantial weight, some smaller forklift batteries can be removed by crews. In general, lithium-ion batteries typically weigh less than a standard lead-acid battery.

The lower the weight of the battery, the lower the ergonomic risks among workers. No matter the weight, correct lifting and handling is essential to maximizing safety. This includes positioning your body as close as possible to the battery before moving it, and bending your knees slightly before lifting or lowering a battery.

Powerful fleet management

BSLBATT Lithium Forklift Battery (, a China NO 1 in exporting LiFePO4 forklift battery for the replacement SLA battery market, has recently unveiled its new BSL Series Lithium Material Handling Battery, optimized for the challenges of the modern warehouse environment. It also introduced its new cloud-based fleet management software, GPRS+GPS, which optimizes fleet uptime, maximizes efficiency, and reduces the total cost of ownership.

Contact your local BSLBATT® distribution partner now to discuss the best BSLBATT® solutions for your challenges.

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