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Hinge automatically opens and closes doors

As a one-stop shop, Winco maintains a comprehensive portfolio in the product group “Hinging and latching of doors and covers” for every possible option. There are hinges of many design types, an extensive range of locks, a host of accessories and edge protection seal profiles.

Winco now offers the GN 233.3, a new functional hinge made of plastic. The return function automatically restores the hinge and attached cover or door to the initial position once it is released. The hinge is therefore ideally suitable for automatically opening and closing doors or keeping them closed.

In addition to the restoring torque, the functional hinge can also withstand great mechanical stress since it is made of a particularly durable high-performance polyamide plastic, and therefore boasts of particularly high mechanical strength. The aluminum rotating sleeve and stainless steel torsion spring offer maximum wear and corrosion resistance. In tests, the ingenious design leaves the restoring torque unchanged over 100,000 actuation cycles.

Winco, your specialist for standard parts, offers numerous designs for the new functional hinge as usual: The hinge can be easily configured and ordered to meet individual needs, available in a left or right-hand return, high or low spring restoring torque, or supplemental hinges without a return spring. In line with normal policy, Winco maintains a specific solution for every use.

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