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GROB Systems Highlights Rotary (PSS-R) and Linear (PSS-L) Pallet Storage Solutions

 GROB Systems, a global leader in the development of manufacturing systems and machine tools, highlights its PSS-R rotary and PSS-L linear pallet storage systems.

The GROB PSS-R rotary pallet storage system expands the G-module to a flexible production cell to offer optimum entry to automated, highly efficient production. Features include versions with up to 15 pallet storage positions at one to three levels, an easily accessible setup station arranged next to the machine control panel, fast pallet change when using two pallets thanks to an innovative pallet changing device, visualization and organization of production orders with flexible production control software, and state-of-the-art production control software with a 19-inch touchscreen panel.

The many benefits of the PSS-R for the customer include a complete solution from a single source in a standardized design, economic production with increased machine capacity utilization, capability to produce in unmanned or lightly manned shifts, optimized view into the work area and toward the pallet storage positions, parallel loading and unloading of the pallets during the machining operation, and a high storage capacity with a small footprint. The PSS-R, moreover, offers a storage solution for a small initial investment and can be retrofit simply on existing machines.

The GROB PSS-L linear pallet storage system offers many exciting features including the ability to connect up to five machines to one system, an expandable modular system consisting of at least one basic module, system flexibility to expand by up to four expansion modules and additional setup stations, an easily accessible setup station with crane-loading capability, visualization and organization of production orders with a flexible production control software, applicability to machines with and without a pallet changer, and a highly dynamic loading unit with an optimized control system for reduced pallet change time.

The PSS-L is flexibly configurable according to the customer’s requirements, offers a complete solution from a single source in a standardized design and an interface that is optimally matched to the machine, allows for cost-effective production through increased machine utilization, permits longer and unmanned production periods, and allows optimum access to the work area of the machine during automation – for example, for manual loading or setup work. Like the PSS-R, this model also offers high storage capacity with a small footprint and is a pallet storage solution with a low investment.

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