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Global Technology Systems Launches New Line

 Global Technology Systems (GTS) today announced the introduction of a complete line of replacement batteries for APC™ and TrippLite™ uninterruptable power supply (UPS) models.

GTS’s UPS replacement batteries are:

  • Designed for use with APC™ and TrippLite™ UPS models
  • 100% OEM compatible
  • Shipped fully assembled with new cables, connectors and components
  • Hot-swappable, user-replaceable, maintenance-free
  • Significantly lower in cost than the OEM
  • Assembled in the USA, making them TAA compliant

Each GTS UPS replacement battery assembly comes with a best-in-class 24-month warranty, exceeding the industry standard by 12 months. GTS also includes simple installation instructions, as well as information on proper recycling of the used battery.

“Virtually every organization must use UPS systems to protect its critical data and operations. Millions of these UPS’s are in operation 24/7,” said Scott Carlson, Director of Product Management & Development, GTS. “But over time, the batteries lose their ability to hold a full charge. This can lead to shorter runtimes, costly downtime and data loss. Timely replacement of these batteries is imperative.”

“Many organizations don’t realize UPS batteries are replaceable. And those that do, actually replace them randomly and without a plan. They often replace them too late, and spend too much money in the process,” added Larry Murray, CEO, GTS. “Now we can provide our customers with a single, perfectly matched replacement UPS battery or a plan for timely replacement of thousands of batteries enterprise-wide. And at the same time, we can provide them with important operational and budgetary savings.”

The new UPS battery replacement program is complementary to GTS’s industry-leading battery, charger, and power management solutions for bar code scanners, mobile printers, two-way radios, and voice transmission devices of all kinds. All GTS products can be combined with GTS’s Managed Services programs to cut costs, maximize productivity and minimize downtime.

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