Global air cargo logistics with system provider DIMOS

Modular conveyor and transport technology for ULD-Handling & Co.

The air cargo product range from Petersberg manufacturer DIMOS encompasses cargo handling and departure/arrival equipment as well as self-service and e-commerce solutions. The modular design of the transport vehicles supplied by DIMOS allows for individual and customer-specific solutions to be achieved. The INTRAC AGV slave pallet mover and the X-Way Mover multifunctional vehicle are the flagships of the portfolio.

As an established AGV solution for ULD transport, the INTRAC slave pallet mover is ideal for the fully automated driverless handling of ULDs indoors. With its 360° steering system, the INTRAC is significantly more manoeuvrable than previously available solutions. As the vehicle can also manoeuvre in much more confined spaces, users are able to utilise the existing warehouse space up to 50% more intensively. Consequently, an empty warehouse can generate significant freight revenue with minimal use of resources and without permanently installed conveyor technology. The transport concept is also transferable to other areas of logistics which use similar load carriers, for example e-commerce.

One vehicle for five air cargo disciplines

After the INTRAC has transported, sorted and supplied the ULDs, the X-Way Mover developed by DIMOS and Hubtex is used to store the ULDs on one or more levels. The available models are a joint production between the two industrial truck manufacturers. Special features of the X-Way Mover: It combines the tasks of truck dock, transfer vehicle, stacker crane, ULD transporter, pallet mover and dolly dock all in one. This combined approach results in less downtime or no downtime at all during transport. Acquisition, service and maintenance costs are also reduced: DIMOS is the main contact and provides all maintenance and after-sales service 24/7. As a result, running costs are reduced while availability and productivity increase.

DIMOS products for all airport logistics

In addition to ULD handling from landside to airside and vice versa, DIMOS also offers specialist transport solutions for other logistics areas at the airport. Prior to the departure of aircraft, for example, DIMOS provides departure equipment, including belt conveyor technology with horizontal and vertical distribution, which supplies the goods for sorting. When the aircraft lands, the baggage items are further processed using arrival equipment from DIMOS. The Petersberg manufacturer also provides self-service equipment: Check-in machines, self-service kiosks, permanent bag tags and home tagging extend the diversity of this mechanical engineering manufacturer.

In addition to the air cargo solutions originating from production, DIMOS also supplies consultations and sales from a single source. Working with Hubtex, the company has established the new Projects & Systems department for this purpose. Interested parties can find the entire DIMOS product range at

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