Geek Plus Automated Forklift Robot

Geek Plus is an AI Robotics company, which creates one-stop warehouse automation solution. Automated Forklift Robot can achieve automatic storage, access and handling of pallets. It can be used in many warehouse scenarios, i.e. e-commerce and retail industry, as well as raw material storage. The aforementioned scenarios often have narrow passages, limited space or varied working height, which calls for high level safety awareness and operational skills. The use of Geek Plus’s Automated Forklift Robot can greatly improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity and improve safety in these environments.

The Automated Forklift Robot is modified from traditional forklift by utilizing navigation radar, safety radar, control panel and communication modules. It supports laser navigation, SLAM navigation and hybrid navigation. The Forklift Robot can switch between manual and automatic mode rapidly, to cater any complex working environments. Lithium-ion battery is used for both manual or automatic charging and can be replaced easily. The payload is around 1.4 to 1.6t and left height achieve above 3m.

The Forklift Robot is managed and controlled by Geek+ Robot Management System (RMS). It can be integrated with many warehouse management systems. Forklift Robots can be dispatched according to stock take orders; Able to perform loading, unloading and moving pallets automatically.

We have various specifications to cater different payload and warehouse layout in order to improve storage efficiency and reducing the overall operation cost. Comparing with the traditional automated warehouse solutions, Geek Plus’s Automated Forklift Robot has higher flexibility, fast implementation period.

Construction and maintenance cost will be relatively lower as well.
In all, Geek Plus’s Automated Forklift Robot is an ideal solution to achieve automation in warehouses with narrow aisles, block storages, deep-lane stacking; Through overcoming various difficulties which traditional warehouses are facing, work efficiency can be greatly improved and reducing manpower input.

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