Forklift shutdown solution secures prison operations

Smart technology specialist RCT has finalized a project that guarantees appropriate and supervised control of forklift operations within a prison on the east coast of Australia.

Industrial specialists at RCT in Brisbane worked with Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) to customize a Toyota 8FG25 Forklift to meet stringent safety guidelines so the machine could be operated safely within a prison in the region.

RCT technicians subsequently designed a technology package consisting of a ControlMaster® remote shutdown solution installed on the forklift linked to a handheld transmitter.

The system is designed so that the site supervisor must use the handheld transmitter to engage the forklift after which trained and certified machine operators can use the forklift as normal.

The technology package is also designed to automatically shut down the forklift if it is more than 200m away from the handheld transmitter or if any part of the solution is interfered with.

RCT Account Manager – Industrial Nicholas Noorman said the project will provide positive results for the client going forward.

“Our solution ensures all machine operators will use the forklift in an appropriate and safe manner in line with prison guidelines,” he said.

“We have received very positive feedback from prison authorities and from THMA and look forward to providing ongoing technical support in the future.”

“This technology package can quite easily be applied to other scenarios such as forklift driver training courses to better equip and supervise a workforce.”

The solution is another addition to RCT expansive industrial product range which includes fleet management systems, safety products and electrical spare parts.


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