FlytWare eBook & Webinar on Emerging Technologies in Supply Chain

The supply chain industry is rapidly evolving when it comes to adopting technology for enhancing their operations. In fact, due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected almost every industry globally, supply chain managers are adopting new technologies at a faster rate. This is based on observations during the pandemic of the limitations of manual operations during public health crises.

From blockchain-driven data storage to AI-powered inventory drones, the world of logistics is undergoing a rapid transformation towards Warehouse 4.0, or ‘Smart Warehousing’.

The transition from traditional procedures to smarter procedures can be as game-changing as our transition from feature phones to smartphones. Innovation in the supply chain sector has become the ‘new normal’ and is not just a buzzword.

In order to share insights on emerging technologies for supply chains, the FlytWare team is hosting a free webinar on “Emerging Technologies in Supply Chain”. An eBook will also be launched alongside the webinar, as a resource for stakeholders in the logistics industry.

The webinar will share insights in making supply chains smarter, with sophisticated technologies such as blockchain, IoT, circular supply chains, artificial intelligence, etc. along with a brief demo of autonomous inventory drones for distribution centers.

Join us to learn more about technology trends for supply chains and how they can make warehousing and logistics operations more efficient.

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