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FlytWare E-Book on Emerging Technologies in Supply Chain

The supply chain industry is evolving to enable and sustain the rapid demand of goods and services globally. The competitive difference between companies in the industry is increasingly based on real-time data and intelligent analytics that enable optimal managerial decisions. These are being driven by emerging technologies, in the form of robotics and smart computing – which are the focus of the latest FlyWare E-Book on supply chain automation.

Innovations like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics and Blockchain, when combined with SCM (Supply Chain Management) are beginning to transform the distribution of goods at an unprecedented scale. The greatest value of these technologies is realized when they are adopted together, thus rapidly adding business value across supply chain operations.  

When it comes to warehousing operations, methods such as agile and elastic logistics are being used by managers and stakeholders to enhance the flexibility, time efficiency, cost effectiveness and overall output of supply chains. These logistical capabilities are making supply chain resilient to fluctuating consumer demand, and emergencies such as COVID-19.

As explained in the E-Book, it is important for supply chain managers to evaluate the payback period and return-on-investment while exploring and adopting such emerging technologies. When embraced whole-heartedly by supply chains, these new capabilities can expand the competitive advantage. Conversely, delaying the integration of automation technologies can drain precious human resources and waste time and costs across the supply chain.

To know more about Emerging Technologies in Supply Chain, access the E-Book by visiting:

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