Fives Intralogistics unveils new North American Headquarters and Innovation Center

Along with 25,000 square feet of office space, the new Louisville, KY facility includes a 240,000-sq.ft. manufacturing shop, a digital simulation/emulation lab and four automated conveying test loops in the company’s new Innovation Center.

Fives Intralogistics opened its new North American headquarters in Louisville, KY, as the company expands its automated material handling solution operations and services. The facility expands the shop space to 240,000 sq. ft., and incorporates 25,000 sq.ft. of administrative/office space. It also includes a new digital simulation/emulation lab and a unique Innovation Center with four test loops for proving out automated conveying solutions. This expansion exemplifies Fives’ growing presence in North America aimed at increasing the company’s reach, and providing proximity to customers and markets served. The event also marked the launch of the new Fives brand signature: “Industry Can Do It.”

“’Industry Can Do It’ is our approach and strong conviction that industry is the answer to every challenge: environmental, technological, societal and economic,” said Frederick Sanchez, Chairman and CEO of Fives Group. “It is the pioneering spirit and the commitment of our employees that has enabled Fives to play a major role in every industrial revolution throughout its 207-year history. It’s a strong message internally – helping to mobilize energies around a common project – and also externally, to our clients as we work together to meet their specific needs.”

The Grand Opening event held on February 12, included customers, suppliers and industry peers who gathered to tour the new facility and be the first to observe the new machine/equipment demos. Frederick Sanchez, and other Fives Group executives attended, while Don Keel, President and CEO of Fives Intralogistics presented the keynote address.

“This new facility positions Fives Intralogistics to meet current and future customer needs, and keep pace with our growth in this dynamic business sector,” said Keel.  “We have substantial meeting, collaboration, technical and manufacturing space required to serve our clients and provide world-class automated conveying and handling solutions. It also allows everyone from administration, engineering, services, supply chain, manufacturing and R&D to be together under one roof.”

The United States is considered a key market for Fives growth. “Our continued expansion in North America and, specifically, the United States positions us well for the future, as we plan to increase our presence, supporting industry and our customers in all business sectors,” added Keel.

Fives designs and supplies world-class material handling and sorting solutions for the intralogistics sector. The group and its intralogistics dedicated teams – approximately 500 people in France, Italy, China, Japan, Korea and the United States – automate internal logistics streams for postal and courier companies, distribution centers, and baggage handling systems, among others. Fives Intralogistics North America started in Louisville in 1956 as the locally created SeamCo, providing material handling solutions to the automotive and similar industries. Fives acquired the company in 2012. The original building was built in 2006 and the new expansion was completed late last year.

Within the Intralogistics business line, Fives is actively improving its environmental impact by obtaining the ISO 14001 certification. Sustainable development is a global priority today. The Intralogistics teams are constantly integrating social, environmental, and economic concerns into every step of their production process. Fives’ equipment has been designed to be compliant with the most recognized codes and standards within the world of material handling and sortation.

Fives is recognized for a wide variety of groundbreaking developments, including projects involving the Eiffel Tower, The Space Needle and the Hubble telescope. The company continues to develop advanced techniques and modernize industry across all markets served. These include digitization, connectivity with Industry 4.0, and metal composites additive manufacturing.

With a strong legacy based on more than 60 years of expertise developing pioneering solutions in close partnership with customers, Fives Intralogistics is recognized globally as a partner that helps customers maximize operational performance.

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