Five secure coveted Platinum Certification, one selected for national competition

An unprecedented number of Shoppa’s Material Handling technicians recently passed the Toyota Material Handling Platinum Master Technician Certification, including one Shoppa’s technician selected out of nearly 120 applicants to compete for Toyota’s prestigious technician title.

“Our customers demand technicians who can keep their forklifts and other equipment well-maintained and operating efficiently,” said Jim Shoppa, owner of Shoppa’s Material Handling. “With these most recent certified technicians, customers can be confident the very best in the industry are working on their equipment. I am proud of the level of excellence these Shoppa’s technicians have demonstrated.”

Toyota’s unparalleled reputation as the number one forklift manufacturer in North America, with the longest-lasting parts, stems from its dedication to training and developing the best technicians. Technicians are required to take classroom courses and accrue up to five years hands-on experience to earn certified,
bronze, silver, gold and platinum rankings.

Overall, 36 out of 119 applicants tested nationwide achieved the Platinum Certification.

The five Shoppa’s technicians who earned the certification will be recognized by Toyota and Shoppa’s. Additionally, they will be recognized at Shoppa’s and at the TMHU North American Headquarters in Columbus, IN. in the Platinum Level display case, with a plaque bearing their name.

Ten of the 36 were selected to visit the North American Headquarters in Columbus the week of December 9, for Toyota’s “Platinum Skills Challenge.”

One Shoppa’s technician was selected to compete in this rigorous Platinum Skills Challenge, comprised
of various work stations. The technicians will rotate through each station, attempting to complete each
within the given timeframe. The winner of the Technician Skills Challenge will be recognized as Toyota’s Top Technician for 2020. The Shoppa’s team is honored to have a technician competing in this “best of the best” competition and will continue to develop technical expertise among the entire service team to meet growing customer and industry demand.

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