First -No compromise- lightweight shipping pallet performs like wood

Gaynes Labs completed testing on the new hybrid wood-corrugated NextPallet supporting 2400 lbs. At just 26.5 lbs., the heavyweight version of the NextPallet hauls and racks like much heavier wood pallets (see test results). And customers won’t have to pay up for this performance: the NextPallet will be priced competitively with wood pallets. It’s the only wood alternative that won’t force users to compromise on price or performance. Start-up NextPallet expects lightweight and standard versions will weigh between 15-19 lbs.

The NextPallet delivers substantial savings to shippers who pay by weight. Others save by adding more cargo to shipments before reaching weight maximums. Reusable and recyclable, the NextPallet is more sustainable. Plus, the NextPallet uses 100% recycled corrugated. With industrial adhesive replacing nails or staples, the NextPallet is safer for people and cargo. And it offers customized printing of bar codes, logos, or anything else.

NextPallet president Tod Ginnis knew strong test results would be crucial to market acceptance of an innovative new pallet. -A lighter pallet has many advantages. But given the unique design, we needed a reputable lab to confirm our pallet’s performance. We’re ecstatic with the numbers from Gaynes.-

NextPallet is a privately held company with patents on the NextPallet. It is seeking distributors worldwide to assemble and sell the NextPallet locally.


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