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Empire highlights solutions for sporting goods, leisure, health & fitness industries

High impact and quality in screen-printed products for highly competitive consumer markets

Empire Screen Printing, a manufacturer of screen-printed products, crafts high-impact, high-quality decorative and functional labels for the highly competitive sporting goods, leisure, and health and fitness industries. Empire’s doming, overlay decals, and warning and danger labels—among a range of other products for different applications—help increase profitability with creative, cost-conscious solutions that boost brand recognition and withstand wear and tear.

The sporting goods, leisure, and health and fitness industries require durable screen-printed products that outlast challenging conditions and environments. These include indoor and outdoor settings where products often need UV protection and must achieve both auto and marine-grade durability. Whether it be watercraft or exercise equipment, products in these industries require robust, long-lasting screen-printed solutions that will not degrade with time, will withstand wear and tear, and maintain quality with exposure to sunlight, water, and cleaning solutions.

Screen-printed products for these industries need to be long-lasting and eye-catching. This is especially true given the highly competitive nature of the sporting, leisure, and health and fitness industries, where many products compete for consumer attention. Graphic impact plays a crucial role in boosting brand appeal and making products that pop. Empire helps achieve this impact with its scrutinizing attention to detail, quality, and aesthetic appeal, proving its value amongst its customers.

Empire can work with the customer to select the ideal combination of materials, printing capabilities, finishings, and special features to fit the customer’s intended application. For demanding applications across these highly competitive industries, Empire rises to the challenge by collaborating with its customers to create screen-printing products that are visually appealing and maintain peak performance, whether outdoors, indoors, or serving as a functional aspect of a fitness enthusiast’s exercise routine.


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