E-commerce and How It’s Changing the Supply Chain

Lift & Tilt Podcast – Episode 004 :  Effects of the E-com Era on Supply Chains
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Date: 3/16/20

Host: Robert Dennard & Kurt Guntner

Overview: Robert and Kurt sample a citrus wheat beer from Community Beer Co. in Dallas, while discussing how the digital revolution is changing warehouses, distribution centers, and logistics. Supply chain processes, software, robotics, automation, real-estate, and personnel are being transformed to better meet customer demands as well as create greater efficiencies for organizations.

Topics Discussed

1) Doing More with Less

From going vertical with racking to increase storage capacity and open more floor space to employing artificial intelligence or machine learning software to increase efficiency of order fulfillment and inventory turn, e-commerce has forced companies to look for novel ways of efficiency.

2) Sustainable Solutions

The ability to reuse, recycle, or reclaim materials to minimize costs and appeal to eco-conscious buyers serves not only as a marketing function but creates margin in an ever increasingly competitive environment that is slashing profits.

3) Digital Development

Advanced inventory systems are using sophisticated algorithms to provide predictive insights into inventory movement. Paired with company websites, these inventory systems can analyze site traffic and predict SKU level demand spikes to reduce out of stock items.

4) Personnel

With increased reliance on sophisticated systems, robotics, and predictive forecasting, the need for more knowledge based personnel will continue to increase.

5) Real Estate and Geographics

As consumer demand for instant gratification continues to increase the ability to offer shorter delivery times at a lower cost has forced the need for more distribution centers strategically located to serve metro areas. In turn, real estate is at a premium for warehousing.

Source Articles:
Forbes | Logistics in the E-commerce Era

The Brew & Tasting Notes:

Community Beer Co. – Witbier

“Brewed traditionally using unmalted wheat as a base and lightly spice the kettle with freshly ground sweet and bitter orange peel and coriander seed.  The hops are minimal, keeping the focus on the wheat, spices and the unique character contributed by authentic Belgian yeast strains, one of which originated from the same strain that Pierre brought across the Atlantic to America.”

Original Gravity: 12.8
Bitterness: 18 IBU
Alcohol Content (ABV): 5.2%

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