Dorner’s redesigned AquaPruf Conveyor brings users the latest in food safety features

Dorner is never one to rest on its laurels, and that philosophy of constant improvement is shown in its newly redesigned AquaPruf Conveyor, the latest iteration of its popular selling AquaPruf sanitary conveyor platform. Dorner is an industry leader in the design, application, manufacturing, and integration of precision industrial and sanitary conveyor systems.

Dorner listens to customers and responds to evolving market needs. The redesigned AquaPruf hygienically engineered stainless steel conveyor incorporates several upgraded design features to give users a platform that meets the latest sanitary standards and requirements of the food industry today.

AquaPruf conveyors replace a conventional gearmotor with a new iDrive2 motorized roller option. The iDrive2 is a gearless, oil-free technology roller that provides a food-safe compact footprint for the conveyor. AquaPruf conveyors with conventional stainless steel gearmotors are located outside the food zone for added food safety.

Knowing more applications today move food in and around existing equipment, AquaPruf curve conveyors provide a tight turning radius with improved chain strength allowing three curves to be powered by only one gearmotor.

A new patent-pending spiral-cam threadless belt tensioning and tracking system enhances conveyor control and streamlines operation while minimizing downtime. Additionally, a new patent-pending tail-height adjustment mechanism provides easy access to modify operation and aid in product transfers.

Redesigned AquaPruf conveyors improve upon the already fast cleaning times of the AquaPruf platform with the new quick-removal side mount gearmotor package, which allows the side-mounted gearmotor to be removed in less than a minute for cleaning inside the conveyor. All AquaPruf conveyors feature tool-less disassembly, with complete disassembly in less than three minutes for cleaning.

Features and benefits of the newly redesigned AquaPruf conveyor include:

Optional frame cut-outs and belt lifters for continuous access inside the conveyor
Solid UHMW wear strips can be removed quickly without tools for cleaning
Tip-up tails for quick release of belt tension
Continuous TIG-welded 304 stainless steel frame eliminates fasteners in the food zone
Patented sprocket alignment key

Performance specifications include:

Widths between 152 mm to 1,524 mm (6 inches to 60 inches)
Lengths between 914 mm to 25,375 mm (36 inches to 999 inches)
Load capacity up to 98 kg per square meter (20 lbs. per square inch)
Speeds up to 100 meters per minute (328 feet per minute)
Modular belt options:
Flat modular belt
Friction top

V-guided and positive drive belt options:
Flat belt
Sidewall Cleated
Straights, curves, LPZ (Z-frame), nose-over, and horizontal to inclines

Two different series comprise the AquaPruf sanitary platform: AquaPruf and AquaPruf Ultimate, which later provides the highest level of sanitation. AquaPruf Ultimate is pending 3A certified conveyors and is engineered for USDA red meat, poultry, and dairy applications.

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