Creating A Wellness Culture

Whatever the endeavor, goals are crucial to achievement. This holds true in all areas including workplace wellness and culture. Hoping for things to change without direction or efforts is merely wishful thinking. Expecting is a direct result of taking action to produce desired outcomes.

Over the past few years, TVH has received numerous awards for Workplace Wellness including Healthiest Employer Platinum Level Wellness Workplace Certifications and Fit-Friendly Worksite. Twelve of the most active Nudge Program participants were invited to one of the awards breakfast ceremonies as Els Themote, CEO wanted to give back and recognition the employees who are great Ambassadors for our company Nudge program.

As our Nudge Program continues to be recognized with awards, it allows the community and other companies to be inspired to do more for their employee’s health and well-being. The simple fact is a successful workplace wellness program impacts the employees as well as family members, friends and beyond. The best way to improve healthcare is by enhancing the quality of life of individuals; as participation rates increase, the wellness culture shift has made a transformation in the workplace.

My focus as the Health and Wellness Coach of TVH Americas is on encouraging personal growth, not perfection. Perfection is a myth and is not sustainable. Personal growth is where the rubber meets the road and change happens. If you want things to change and improve in regards to workplace wellness, you must put steps in place to achieve goals and connect with employees with genuine concern.

Get involved with the employees with a “Let’s Do This Together” attitude can make all the difference. Include the fun factor and recognize involvement with -high fives- and take photos which can be posted and put into a video of the event. In the process, you will see the comradery build.

It only takes a spark to start a fire, so ignite some sparks within your company by offering fun challenges. At TVH, our most recent one-day challenge was the “High Knee Challenge.” Employees joined together and got a couple minutes of cardio with this fun challenge.

Cultivate the culture you want at your workplace and in your life. Good health is a gift you give yourself by the daily choices you make. If your company currently doesn’t have a Wellness Program, consider being the Wellness Ambassador to help create a Wellness Culture.

If you would like to know more about TVH and the Nudge Health and Wellness programs, contact Lucy DelSarto, Health & Wellness Coach for TVH Americas, at

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