Conveyco Technologies publishes The Supply Chain Pro’s Guide to Warehouse Automation

Conveyco Technologies, an integrator of automation systems for warehouse, fulfillment and distribution centers, is excited to announce the publication of a new educational resource for supply chain professionals who seek to stay current with the latest types of automation technologies, and how they can be deployed within modern warehousing or distribution operations. The guide is available for free at

-Our goal in developing this resource was to help growing and changing businesses rise to the new challenges they face every day,- said Maxwell Ziegler, Marketing Manager for Conveyco. -The landscape of designing warehouse and fulfillment center automation systems is changing just as quickly as the world of the operations we support. Same day shipping, labor shortages, fierce competition in ecommerce-“in the last five years the throughput demand in these types of operations has grown more than it has in twenty years. Thankfully, the technologies and the implementation strategies for automation continue to rise to the occasion in new and creative ways. Our Warehouse Automation Guide seeks to capture what the landscape looks like today in an informative and educational way.-

Conveyco leans on its nearly forty years of success in the material handling systems integration business as the basis for this latest publication.

-At the end of the day, we want to help all the good folks out there coping with the ever-changing warehouse logistics environment to gain a better perspective on the options available to them today, and really understand the incredible potential that brilliant automation can unlock in their warehouse or distribution center operation,- said Ziegler.

The 12,000 word guide is available at and covers such topics as automation trends, KPI’s, robotics, labor availability, efficiency, AS/RS, G2P, poly-bags, safety, system maintenance, and more.

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