Contagious Wellness

If attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?

We all have been influenced at one time or another by those around us and it’s important to realize that we are influencing others including our loved ones, co-workers and even strangers. The question we need to be asking ourselves is, “If attitudes and actions are contagious, is mine worth catching”?

Genes and environment both play a role in disease; however, a person’s health and well-being is largely a result of their lifestyle and attitude. The medical world may present a prognosis, but ultimately the patient has the final say in their commitment, dedication and resilience to rectify the situation.  The same holds true for one’s career and financial status.

The TVH Nudge program focuses on empowering, educating and mentoring employees on how enhance their quality of life in all areas.  Employees are then able to encourage each other, as well as family members and others, to improve their health and wellness.

Each month TVH offers numerous activities and their Health & Wellness Coach, Lucy DelSarto is available full-time to council and encourage employees. “Everyone leaves an impression and impacts those around them,” said DelSarto.  “I simply provide the examples and tools to make the experience a positive one! The first step is to lead by example and let employees know you care, then provide the resources, training and encouragement to help them make healthy choices. The result is seeing the transformation in their lives and the lives of those around them.”

The Nudge program encourages being active, mindful and responsible for your health and well-being.  The Nudge mantra puts it all into perspective, DCM = Daily Choices Matter. Change begins and ends with you. Nudge Points are awarded for participation in health and wellness activities.  The Points can be redeemed for numerous items including clothing, non-profit gift cards, wearable devices and more.

One of our most popular wellness activities are TVH’s quarterly 4-week walking challenges. Employees have taken this beyond the walls of TVH and often challenge friends and family members to get active and do the challenge with them. Often employees order wearable fitness tracking devices, using Nudge Points, for their children who are thrilled with the challenge to out step the adults.

Other contagious wellness activities employees participate in include: 5K races with family members, using volunteer days to make an impact in the community with non-profit organizations, donating blood (TVH hosts 3 on-site drives annually), and getting informed through our financial wellness series and weekly wellness classes.

The rewards of a wellness lifestyle are numerous, not just for you but also for those around you.  By making positive, mindful choices, your health will be better today and in the future.  In addition, you’re omitting positive energy and an “I can do that” attitude for others to receive.  So spread the wellness bug, for the health of it!

If you would like to know more about TVH and the Nudge Health and Wellness programs, contact Lucy DelSarto, Health & Wellness Coach for TVH Americas, at

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