Columbus McKinnon’s Yale™ YK and Shaw-Box™ SK Wire Rope Hoists Offer New

Columbus McKinnon Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCO), a leading designer and manufacturer of motion control products, technologies, and services for material handling, now offers added features and options with its Yale™ YK and Shaw-Box™ SK wire rope hoists for system customization. The Yale YK and Shaw-Box SK wire rope hoists can be configured as monorail, double girder, and now base mount models, with embedded radio remote controls, expanded usage of Magnetek variable frequency drives, optional panel and motor heaters, and metric ratings.

“Expanded features and options for the Yale YK and Shaw-Box SK enable us to design and deliver custom solutions for our Channel Partners,” said Thomas Kraus, global product manager, wire rope hoists. “The hoist’s modular system allows for configuration of the hoist and crane system to exact application needs.”

Yale YK and Shaw-Box SK wire rope hoists are now available as base mount models with lifting capacities up to 30 tons. Base mount models can be used as stationary hoisting or towing equipment, for example in systems manufacturing. The rope lead-off angle, hoist mounting, and mounting position of the hoist motor can be adjusted as needed.

Magnetek IMPULSE™G+ Mini and IMPULSE™VG+ Series 4 variable frequency drives can be paired with monorail, double girder, or base mount models with lifting capacities up to 30 tons. Depending on the application, Magnetek IMPULSE™VG+ Series 4 drives are available with closed loop vector control. Closed loop vector is a high-performance control method that utilizes an encoder and is ideal for applications that require a load to be held without moving.

Magnetek Flex EX2 radio remote controls in four and six-button styles are embedded with Yale YK and Shaw-Box SK wire rope hoists. Flex EX2 provides innovative and efficient performance, along with secure and dependable communications. A frequency agility feature automatically switches channels when interference is detected, and advanced synthesized RF controls with 124 channels add flexibility to frequency management in the field. Accessories, including protective rubber transmitter boots, retractable belt clip, and convenient charging cradle offer additional protection.

Optional panel and motor heaters are available for hoist, trolley, and bridge motions if the risk exists for condensation formation or extremely low temperatures. Metric-rated hoists can also be quoted for Yale YK or Shaw-Box SK customers upon request.

To learn more about the Yale YK, Shaw-Box SK, or any of the Company’s crane solutions products, call Columbus McKinnon Channel Services at 800-888-0985 or visit

About Columbus McKinnon
Columbus McKinnon is a leading worldwide designer, manufacturer and marketer of motion control products, technologies, systems and services that efficiently and ergonomically move, lift, position and secure materials. Key products include hoists, crane components, actuators, rigging tools, light rail work stations, and digital power and motion control systems. The Company is focused on commercial and industrial applications that require the safety and quality provided by its superior design and engineering know-how.

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