Clear Cap celebrates 20th Anniversary

ClearCap is celebrating its 20th Anniversary. Wy’East Products company founder, Steve Puls,
says “it is hard to believe that it’s been 20 years since the introduction ClearCap engineered
forklift roof covers”.
In the late 1990’s Puls observed issues at his employer’s operation. “We were using shrink-
wrap, cardboard and plywood to protect the forklift operators. It made our operation look like a
dumpster, so I bought some flexible vinyl covers but they came off in a few days because the
water pooled in the low spots and rushed forward when they hit the brakes”. Puls then drew on
his experience in the molded plastics industry to find an affordable solution to what appeared to
be a common industry problem. “I knew we could do better” he stated.
The ClearCap design is simple yet very effective. UV resistant polycarbonate is molded into a
cover which has a low-profile dome in the viewing area along with ribs and gutters. This keeps
water from pooling and blurring the operatSor’s vision and eliminates cascading water during
maneuvers. The basic concept is to keep the operator dry and comfortable while providing
outstanding visibility and safety. ClearCaps are tough, rigid and extremely clear using the same
material as riot shields. The product is also offered in a light tint for those working outside in
bright sunlight. Both clear and tinted versions block 100% of harmful UV rays. The units mount
simply with cam lock buckles and nylon straps. There is no drilling or tapping required and
installation takes only seconds. “Looking back, I was very naïve. I thought one or two models
would cover all the lift trucks” Puls stated. “We are well over 40 models and counting, that’s a lot
of tooling”.
“In addition, we now offer the TuffCab Panels systems for companies that need windshields and
more complete cab enclosures for their operators”. TuffCab systems are steel framed and
safety glass panels that quickly and securely clamp to the overhead guard without any
modifications to the factory guard. A windshield with wiper, roof panel and rear window panel
plus high-grade marine vinyl curtains that use a unique attachment design create a full cab
enclosure at an affordable price. Complete sets or individual components are in stock for most
of the common models of Hyster, Yale, Toyota, Cat, Mitsubishi and Unicarrier. When asked if he
had any advice after 20 years, Puls commented, “I wish I had started earlier because growing a
business takes time and continuous effort. We are an overnight success that only took 20 years
and counting. I think the most important thing is listen to your customers, accept responsibility
for your mistakes, say thank you and mean it”. For more information go to:

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