Cisco-Eagle promotes Eric Zuniga to Applications Specialist

Cisco-Eagle has promoted Eric Zuniga to Applications Specialist according to Systems Integration Manager Bryan Gauger.

Zuniga, who joined Cisco-Eagle’s systems integration group in 2018, will lead project design efforts for large-scale conveyor systems, warehouse layouts, automation, and other critical customer needs. He will help other designers and project managers during the design phase of projects, as well as oversee critical systems design and integration processes.

“Eric is a big reason our customers succeed,” said Gauger. “His talent and work ethic will help us create better solutions for a broad range of customers. His new role gives him the ability to advise other designers and project managers across a wide number of projects. His ability to help customers at every step from concept to a realized system is a huge asset for us–and for our clients.”

Zuniga will conceptualize and implement material handling solutions tailored to customer needs and objectives, utilizing a broad range of automation and conveyor solutions. Although his home office is in Dallas, Zuniga will work on projects in many other areas.

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