Cimcorp MultiPick

The Cimcorp MultiPick is a robotic materials handling solution that precisely controls and streamlines the entire material flow of a distribution center or dispatch area. By design, MultiPick combines buffer storage and order picking into one seamless operation. It can handle a variety of standard crates, bins and trays with rapid speed, 100-percent accuracy, optimal use of space, easy cleaning and improved labor savings. Any number of robots—each equipped with grippers designed to handle a particular unit load—can be implemented and tailored to the throughput demands of each facility. As product and/or order volumes grow due to demand or seasonality, warehouses can extend and scale up their number of robots as needed.

Computer-controlled by Cimcorp’s own Warehouse Control System (WCS), the system also collects data on its activities and material flow. Warehouse managers can then run detailed analyses of both dispatch operations and production planning, enabling further enhancements. Notably, MultiPick can be applied in a completely automated warehouse or operate as an “island of automation” within other manual operations.

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