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 Crushproof Tubing; a manufacturer of high-grade rubber products used in a variety of industries including the US Military, aftermarket automotive, and breathing markets, today launched its groundbreaking Build-A-Hose program designed to help start-ups and new projects get off the ground.  The Build-A-Hose program has no tooling or molding charges and will provide custom samples free of charge with quick turnaround times.  Companies interested in taking advantage of the Build-A-Hose program need only to fill out an easy five step form at to get started.

“Our innovative process allows for hoses and tubes to be built to a companies specifications without any mold costs,” said Jonathan Rodebaugh, Director of Operations and Partner at Crushproof Tubing. “This will drastically cut a companies research and development costs and provide them with the hose or tube they need with a quick turnaround time.”

Crushproof’s groundbreaking manufacturing program will provide free custom production samples to companies for testing and review generally within one week of a sample request approval.  Full production orders are normally fulfilled within three weeks of the received sample approval.

“Traditional molding methods for manufacturing hoses can take months to manufacture and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars before samples can even begin testing. Our process allows us to take your hose design from concept to reality within days using our proprietary tools and skilled labor force,” added Rodebaugh.  “Our team consists of highly skilled artisans and the hoses are handmade right here in McComb, Ohio USA.”

For more information on the Build-A-Hose program and Simple Drain please visit our website at

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