Breathe New Life into Your Forklift with the Right Attachment

While forks are undeniably the most popular attachment for a forklift, they are not always the right tool for the job. Material handling needs have evolved over the years to the point where the standard fork is no longer able to complete certain tasks safely or efficiently. While the tried and true forks will always be a staple in the industry, a wide variety of forklift attachments are helping to extend the life and capabilities of your forklift truck.

Many different forklift attachment designs and configurations have been developed over the years to help provide safer product handling, reduce pallet damage and increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Gone are the days when lifting and lowering pallets were your only option. Today, there are forklift attachments to suit almost any job and without them, it would be impossible to move certain loads within the workplace.

It is amazing what new capabilities a forklift can have when outfitted with the proper attachment. Choosing the right one can increase productivity of product handling dramatically, yet with the hundreds of different options available the process can be daunting. Understanding the most common forklift attachments and their benefits is essential.

The most common attachments in the workplace are:


Sideshifters are one of the most common attachments used today. They allow the operator to reposition the load left-to-right without having to move the lift truck. A Sideshifter makes it easy for the operator to line up the pallets without moving the entire forklift. They have become an essential tool in the material handling industry.

Fork Positioners

Fork positioners are another very common attachment used today to add versatility to your forklift. This attachment allows the forks to be moved closer or further away from each other, allowing the operator to handle different size pallets and odd sized objects faster and more effectively. This attachment significantly saves time and money by eliminating the need to stop the forklift to manually adjust the fork spread for each load. It greatly improves load handling times while helping to reduce fuel consumption, truck wear and pallet damage.


Rotators are used in applications where the operator needs to rotate the forks, or the load of palletized containers, boxes or drums. The opening in the center of the rotator adds safety by giving the operator optimal visibility.

Understanding the most common forklift attachments and their benefits can dramatically increase productivity in your warehouse and add longevity to your forklift. In addition to the Sideshifter, Fork Positioners and Rotators you can also choose from a variety of other attachments including: multi-fork positioners, numerous styles of clamps for bales, concrete, appliances and drums, as well as roll clamps, push pulls, and other specialty attachments.

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