Benefits of ForkLift Inspections

Recent industry statistics reflect the fatal injury rate for warehouse employees ranks forklift accidents as the #1 OSHA-cited warehouse safety violation. That’s why Cal/OSHA requires all employers to “provide and maintain a safe and healthful workplace for employees.” Simply stated … adherence to this commitment involves periodic inspections or full audits.

The Bad News:

Accidents raise insurance costs. They disrupt employee morale when team members are reallocated to cover for an absent co-worker or when unrepaired equipment slows down or stops their work. A thorough warehouse safety audit is a proven way to lower the number of costly accidents which deals with these issues.

The Good News:

Creating a warehouse safety checklist and conducting regular audits demonstrates that your company is committed to a safe work environment. When Cal/OSHA visits your company’s warehouse, they look for:

  • Written accident and illness prevention goals such as: 10% fewer injuries next year
  • Reduced down-time due to poorly maintained equipment
  • Process for employees to report unsafe conditions with assurance that management will take notice
  • A demonstrated allocation of company resources to identify and control hazards (purchasing
    personal protective equipment (PPE), training employees in safety and health, and periodically
    reviewing new and existing operations and processes for potential hazards.)
  • Written/posted repercussions for team members who do not follow warehouse safety rules.

Are You Asking These Questions?

Is your company doing any or all of the above steps today? Is your equipment currently compliant with all regulatory agencies? Do you know how much your company could save on insurance costs if you had documented third-party inspection/audit records? Has your company added new procedures or replaced equipment parts since your last safety audit? What about equipment maintenance following the manufacturer recommendations? Do you have an inspection schedule? Would working with an expert on these topics be wise?

What steps are you taking to protect your company’s equipment and avoid fines resulting from accidents or non-inspection penalties right now? Ask Lift Auditors how to remedy your concerns through comprehensive equipment and system maintenance audits. There are many benefits in reviewing your firm’s forklift equipment maintenance inspection strategy … and we enjoy talking to you. Email: or call: 888-310-3776.


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