Banner Engineering Introduces New Line of Compact Safety Laser Scanners

Banner Engineering, a leading provider of technology for industrial automation, today announced the release of SX Series safety laser scanners for safeguarding areas, access points, and mobile equipment in a wide range of industrial applications.

The SX Series safety laser scanner protects personnel and equipment within user-defined warning and safety zones. It continuously scans a 275E° area around the device to detect objects as they enter each zone. The optical design and advanced filtering capabilities offered by the SX Series enables best-in-class immunity to dust, dirt, and light interference, minimizing downtime associated with false trips caused by these environmental challenges.

SX Series safety laser scanners can be configured to meet specific application needs using the free configuration software available from Banner Engineering. The software features an intuitive user interface with a graphic display of the monitored area as well as menu-driven tools to simplify device setup. It can be used to design custom safety and warning zones to accommodate existing infrastructure and satisfy unique application requirements.

Muting capabilities offered by the SX Series enable a free flow of material through protected zones without compromising safety. Muting functions can be configured in the software and muting sensors directly connected to an SX Series safety laser scanner, eliminating the expense of adding an external module or controller to enable muting.

SX Series safety laser scanners reliably safeguard large, complex, and irregularly shaped areas. They are commonly used to safeguard operator load and unload stations, automated production equipment, robotic work cells, assembly and packaging machines, and lean manufacturing systems.

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