Avoid Accidents with Essential Safety Products

There is a growing awareness that safety isn’t just about protecting the operators using the
machines, but the employees working around them as well. In fact, almost 40% of reported
accidents are pedestrian related, many of which can be avoided with the proper safety products.
However, no one product is enough to fulfill all of your safety needs. TVH, the leading provider of
quality replacement parts and accessories for the material handling and industrial equipment
industry, suggests using multiple products in order to create a complete safety system to protect not
only your machines, but those working around them as well.

Personnel must constantly be aware of their surroundings and the machines working in the area.
One major obstacle when working in a warehouse environment is the noise level. More often than
not, workers can’t hear a machine approach. This problem can be alleviated by installing pedestrian
sensors at all major intersections in the warehouse. These sensors will alert pedestrians that a
machine is approaching, even if they can’t see or hear it.

Another great option is making your machine more visible. Consider combining a variety of safety
lighting options to create a complete safety zone around your equipment. Incorporate lights such as
LED dual color strobes, bright work lights and red or blue warning lights that shine down on the floor
in front or behind the machine. These lighting options can easily alert pedestrians that work is
going on in the area, regardless of noise level and when used together will increase safety, not only
for pedestrians but for operators as well.

In addition to warning lights, all forklifts and industrial equipment should be equipped with quality
back-up alarms. To be most effective, a back-up alarm needs to be around 10 decibels above the
ambient noise of its surroundings. Since noise levels can vary depending on the time of day or
activity level, it can be difficult to select the right back-up alarm to fit your needs. One great solution
is to install a self-adjusting alarm. Self-Adjusting back-up alarms listen to the ambient noise level of
the surrounding area by using a built-in microphone and automatically adjust its sound output to be
louder than the surrounding noise.

Nothing is more important than the safety of your work force. TVH is committed to being your one-
stop-shop for all of your safety parts and accessories and offers a wide variety of lighting and back-
up alarm options to fit your needs. www.tvh.com

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