AutoStore™ Introduces Bin Lift 2.0 to North American Market

Second-generation lift features extended bin reachability, maximizing space and reducing costs

Leading warehouse automation company, AutoStore, announces the launch of the Bin Lift 2.0, which will extend the reachability of AutoStore bins in multi-level warehouses, enabling a flexible warehouse layout and reducing real estate costs.

Now available in North America, the vertical lift assists AutoStore bins, which are durable containers used to hold inventory and are handled precisely by AutoStore robots. Compared to the previous Bin Lift 1.1 model that was only available in Europe, the Bin Lift 2.0 offers notable mechanical improvements and a better user experience, thanks to a significant noise reduction.

“Enabling a flexible utilization of space in the warehouse, while extending bin reachability, means customers require fewer square meters of floor space, ultimately reducing costs,” said Carlos Fernández, Chief Product Officer at Autostore. “We currently offer this model in the U.S., Canada, China, and Japan – in addition to Europe, where the previous version was available. We’re excited to help our customers further enhance their warehouse automation with this upgrade.”

The newly redesigned Bin Lift offers enhanced performance with upgraded rollers, tracks, motor, and electronics, is easier to assemble than the previous model, and can be applied in two configurations:

  • Grid-to-Port (G2P) – in combination with the AutoStore SwingPort, the Bin Lift 2.0 provides an extension to the AutoStore grid and allows order picking to happen from a different floor.

  • Grid-to-Grid (G2G) – the new bin reachability creates a seamless connection between two independent AutoStore grids, optimizing performance in existing multi-level warehouse networks.

“A positive work environment promotes well-being and productivity, and we take this into careful consideration when designing new innovations,” Fernández continued. “In the G2P configuration, the Bin Lift 2.0 significantly reduces the noise level for the operator at the Port. The new motor, gear, and its new placement decreases sound intensity from 70dBA to 60dBA, improving the user experience significantly.”

The Bin Lift 2.0 will continue to provide the fast and reliable service that AutoStore systems are known for, allowing users to benefit from the system’s flexibility and scalability.

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