AutoScheduler named Top 50 Logistics Tech provider by AJOT

AutoScheduler.AI, an innovative Warehouse Management System (WMS) accelerator, has been named to the American Journal of Transportation (AJOT) Top 50 Logistics Tech Provider award. This AJOT annual list offers a glimpse into the future of the supply chain. AutoScheduler was chosen because its WMS Accelerator provides a technology solution that looks forward to a different supply chain than the one that exists today.

“AutoScheduler works with a company’s WMS or ERP to accelerate productivity, balance inventory, and improve on-time, in-full fulfillment,” said Keith Moore, Chief Product Officer at AutoScheduler. “AutoScheduler visualizes all operations at a distribution center and optimizes labor, robotics, touches, and inventory to drive efficiencies. We are very thrilled to be named to this prestigious list because of the value we bring to our clients.”

AJOT says in its June 2022 issue, “Perhaps the key to understanding the digital transformation that the supply chain is undergoing begins with rethinking the supply chain itself. While the popular conception of the supply chain is one of connecting links – which plays well into the concept that the supply chain is only as strong as the weakest link – in reality, it is more akin to a transatlantic cable with thousands of wires enabling interconnecting activities, both physical and electronic, working collectively to the goal of moving product.”

The AJOT Top 50 Logistics Tech Provider lists companies that offer WMSs, TMSs, Trucking and Freight Matching Platforms, Digital Freight Marketplaces, Supply Chain Visibility Platforms, Telematics, Freight Management Systems, and more.

AutoScheduler is a WMS Accelerator that sits on top of a WMS that provides optimized plans for better inventory turns and greater efficiencies. It uses advanced technology to help companies automate all operational decision-making in a capacity-considerate way leading to an autopilot planning system that increases fill rate and generates productivity and efficiency improvements.

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