Applied Motion Products Introduces Digital Servo Drives

Applied Motion Products introduces a new line of SV200 Digital Servo Drives for DC-powered motion control applications.  Operating on 24, 48 or higher DC voltages (up to 60 volts DC), the SV200 Servo Drives offer advanced performance with multiple controls to address the requirements of machine builders and OEMs, especially for multi-axis applications.

 Removing requirements for power conversion components, these DC-powered drives reduce costs by allowing multiple servo axes to draw power from a single DC power source.  Smaller in size than comparable AC-operated drives, the SV200 Servo Drives require less space in a control cabinet and fit in space-constrained applications such as automated guided vehicles and other small machines. 

Auto-tuning, anti-vibration function and programmable notch filter for smooth motion and accurate positioning

10 Amps continuous, 20 Amps peak output current

Supply voltages from 24 to 60 volts

Various control modes including step (pulse) & direction, analog torque/velocity/positioning, encoder following, streaming commands, stand-alone operation (indexing) with Q Programmer software, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP or RTU, and CANopen

8 regular digital inputs:  5″ 24V DC; 4 high-speed digital inputs: 5- 24V DC and 6 digital inputs: 30 VDC

Safe Torque Off input

Dual-port communications for daisy chaining drives together (line or ring networks

 Applied Motion’s new DC powered drives are optimized for use with their high torque J Series Servo Motors in the 200W, 400W and 750W power range.  For more Information, visit or watch the video.  Or contact Applied Motion Products by completing the online contact form or calling 1-800-525-1609.

About Applied Motion Products                                   

Founded in 1978, Applied Motion Products specializes in high-precision, cost-effective motion control products including stepper and servo motors, drives, controllers, gearheads, and power supplies.  The company serves a diverse industrial and OEM customer base with both standard and customized products.  With in-depth motor and control expertise, Applied Motion Products works with customers from initial concept and design through finished product and production to provide the best motion control solutions to a range of markets. Find out more at or contact the company at 1-800-525-1609.

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