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Anand Raghavendran: Transforming supply chain documentation with AI Power

Industry Veteran Shares Vision for AI in Logistics Processes

Industry Veteran Shares Vision for AI in Logistics Processes

KlearNow, a company specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered logistics and supply chain solutions, recently announced the appointment of Anand Raghavendran as its new Chief Product Officer. Raghavendran brings over 25 years of valuable experience to his new role and is expected to continue driving the KlearNow team in their pursuit of modernizing traditional supply chain processes.

Raghavendran has a comprehensive background in leading product and technology teams, which has been integral to his success in the industry. His history of creating and guiding high-performance teams to achieve transformative results has been recognized and lauded in the sector. At KlearNow, Raghavendran’s extensive experience is anticipated to significantly bolster the company’s strategy for innovation-driven growth.

KlearNow stands to benefit from the integration of Raghavendran’s vast experience into its operations. This will ideally enhance the maturity, market-friendliness, and relevance of its AI-driven solutions. Raghavendran has expressed enthusiasm for his new role, stating his desire to act as the crucial link between the end users and the engineering teams at KlearNow. He is dedicated to delivering a product that will maintain and potentially increase KlearNow’s market impact.

“As we continue to build on KlearNow’s capabilities, my goal is to establish a framework that offers a seamless end-to-end user experience. This involves packaging our product to ensure consistency and trust, provide enhanced visibility, and become the single source of truth for supply chain data for Enterprises as well as SMBs. It’s about blending the strength of our technology with the needs of the industry to create transformative solutions,” said Raghavendran.

Raghavendran has identified KlearNow’s AI capabilities as its market differentiator, the KlearNow platform is capable of not just extracting data from unstructured sources with high accuracy, it also creates a meaningful shipment grouping from these documents for faster customs clearance. “This makes us unique from other OCR-based solutions in the market,” said Raghavendran.

KlearNow has already demonstrated its prowess in solving key domain problems, such as centralizing data sources, enhancing visibility and cost-efficiency, and obtaining the endorsement of respected names in the industry. These achievements set KlearNow apart in a highly competitive market.

With respect to competition in the industry, Raghavendran recognizes the importance of constant evolution and improvement. He pointed out, “While KlearNow does have a distinct advantage with our AI-driven solutions, we cannot afford to rest on our laurels. Anticipating potential advancements from other market players is key. We need a balanced strategy that involves both proactive innovation and reactive adaptation to maintain our leading position in the supply chain industry.”

KlearNow has built a reputation for its AI-based supply chain solutions, which has contributed to its substantial growth. The company has steadily increased its client base (currently over 1350), a testament to its commitment to delivering efficient and reliable solutions. As it continues to develop and innovate, KlearNow remains dedicated to modernizing the supply chain industry.

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