Alto Safety Angel Stairs

Compliant fall prevention pedestrian access for container and truck rear doors

Safe access pedestrian to the rear doors of trucks and container carrying vehicles in inspection and unloading areas has been a perennial unresolved risk in the absence of a loading dock. The increasing level of inspection arising from current levels of fugitive trafficking and the expectation of enhanced examination of shipments following Brexit will only increase exposure to this risk. Ladders and stepladders are not justifiable in view of the need to reduce risk of falls from height. To support and encourage rapid risk reduction, Alto Access Products have brought out a mobile and convenient product with stair access and full deployable guardrails.

Uniquely, the Alto Angel Stairs offer gated and guard-railed access to vehicle rear doors with spring loaded secure locking mechanisms, braked industrial quality castors and compliant handrailed stairs. The guardrails fold away for convenient storage.

Design Director John Moreby commented: “As with all Alto equipment, safety is our primary concern. Wide, slip resistant treads and permanently fitted swing out compliant handrails give peace of mind to responsible management in vehicle examination and unloading facilities.”

Falls from height stubbornly remain the most common cause of death and serious injury in the workplace. Vehicle access remains one of the most problematical areas due to the variety of types of site, vehicle and task/payload involved. These units make it economical and practical to provide safe convenient access to the rear of all vehicles and containers

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